15 shape shifting cars for the future

Over the period, we have witnessed a great shift in the means of transportation, from public to personal, catering to the varying needs of modern commuters. However, the convolutions of present era have urged, rather forced, automobile designers to think out of the box and come up with some flexible modes of commutation to withstand the needs of commuters that keeps changing with each passing moment. Here are some of the most amazing cars with shape shifting capabilities that will make you drool over their genius makes and force you to wish they were real.

BRB Evolution
brb evolution folding car_8rqwe_5965
BRB is right back with a new concept, inspired by Peugeot 908 and Lamborghini Murcielago, to tender to the automobile freaks; Daniel Bailey seems to be doing what he was expected to with his BRB Evolution- the folding car with 180 degree moon roof - elevated to newer dimensions. Read more

metromorph _01_xydku_17621
Aimed to address the ever-growing troubles like the lack of parking and real estate space of metropolitan cities, designer Roman Mistiuk has popped up with a astonishing vehicle dubbed “Metromorph” that not only solves the swelling parking problem but also doubles as an elevator to take you to the doorstep of your multistory apartment. Read more

Peugeot 888
Travel time woes begin with traffic snarls and end with parking availability. Agreed that public transportation is a convenient option, but sometimes you just feel like taking the car instead. On such occasions the Peugeot 888 concept designed by Oskar Johansen would fit the bill of an eco-zippy car! Using solar energy, this car also has the ability to swoop up in a compact posture, so that with the increased visibility you can maneuver the car efficiently. Read more

All-terrain sport coupe
all terrain vehicle _05_soyzs_17621
The new sports coupe by UK-based designer Batyr Ospanov is an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) that alters shape to provide commutation on both smooth and rough terrains. Powered by electric generators located at rear wheels, the two-seater has two driving modes, the road mode and the off-road mode. Read more

Bionic transporter
Mimicking the body structure or posture of living beings, the “Bionic Transporter” is a futuristic vehicle that provides a better understanding of traffic behavior, allowing safe and improved commuting in the days to come. Read more

Monza Ferrari racecar
Crafted to churn out speeds of over 200 mph, the the Monza Ferrari racecar concept by designer Iman Maghsoudi features a complex but totally handy auto-pilot option that allows the on-board computer to take control once the car exceeds a certain speed limit. Read more

Jaguar C-XS
The Jaguar C-XS by Janak Mistry is a car that intelligently tailors to the driver’s needs. The car can change form and style from its two different modes. When in “Saloon mode,” the car has a high yet sleek roofline. It can seat four people and has a large luxury car feel to it. However, when put into “Sport Mode,” the Jaguar folds its two rear seats away, making the driver’s seat lower and much sportier. Read more

Mitsubishi MMR25
The year is 2025 and we have race cars that set tracks ablaze with their ferocious looks alone. LA Auto Show this year has a theme of “Motorsports in 2025” and MMR25 rally racer is an entry by Mitsubishi. MMR25 comes with a description that’s beyond reality, just like its renderings. A look from the rear and MMR25 is a bad-ass robotic insect of some sorts. Read more

TransforMiss electric car
transformiss car_4_r7voj_69
We’ve seen a few transforming car concepts in the past, but unlike those vehicles which only shift their shape in two ways – a bike and a car — here is the “TransforMiss” concept that can be ridden in three ways: a bike, car and trike. Designed by Thierry Dumaine, the TransforMiss concept is inspired by “a woman” who according to the designer is never the same. Read more

jeremy richards stretch transforming car_1_oms1r_69
Auto designer Jeremy Richards has put his imagination into a concept car for the future he calls Stretch. According to its name, the car has the ability to transform its shape from a compact city car to a full-size highway safe vehicle at a simple touch of a button. Read more

Bionic concept car
Romanian designer Vlad Icobet has come up with a futuristic vehicle that draws inspiration from the beautiful and organic shapes of nature and plants and blends it with advanced technology, making the cities a worthy living place. Intended for ultra-crowded cities of 2030 and beyond, the Bionic concept car runs on solar energy generated by the see-through polycarbonate roof with attached solar photovoltaic cells. Read more

Rinspeed iChange
rinspeed ichange
Rinspeed, a Swiss automotive design and conversion company, has popped up a car that can change its shape based on whether it will be used as a one or three-seater. As an electric vehicle, the iChange needs to be light. Using composite materials for the body, the total weight for the concept is 1050 kilograms. Read more

GM Car Hero
gm car hero_01_zlggz_22976
General Motors has come up with a car concept dubbed “Car Hero” to attract generation Z brought up with gaming consoles, cellphones and other mobile gadgetry by their side. Designed for the 2009 Design Challenge held by the LA Auto Show, the futuristic car takes driving to the virtual world to challenge your skills. Read more

morph 1_z7bkj_58
The Morph concept car by Daniel Fitzgerald is based on the idea of having the four wheels and a main cabin separate and adjustable. These wheel “pontoons” are hydraulically attached to the main cabin and allow the car to adjust its configuration. Read more

When Ashley Cichocki designed a car, he did it with a vision for Paris in the year 2030. This futuristic design looks straight out of a sci-fi movie and has two large front wheels and smaller rear wheels. The body of ‘M.01’ itself looks like a slanted closed cart. The greatest part of the design is that super stretchy Fabrics have been used over a pneumatic skeleton for the interior morphs and computer simulation. Read more

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