Lamborghini Presa is a GT with a difference

From the images, you’d easily make it out that it’s Lamborghini. But it’s a new concept by Mohammad R. Shojaie. This new concept is christened as Lamborghini Presa and is designed collectively by Mohamad Monfared, Alireza Sahragard, and Arian Moqbeli. The trio has designed the primary sketches after tracing dozens sketches, however; 3d has been completed by Shojaie.

The concept has been designed to keep in mind the present scenario that the greatest quantity in sport auto sells is for GT 8-cylinder Coupes. The Presa, on the other, features vacuum air for a front-engine Lamborghini, which is the embodiment of all visual and technical features of the wild bull in markets. Additionally, special attempts have been made to design the transverse lines in order to distinguish it from other GTs and to make it Lamborghini, genetically.
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Via: Mr-shojaie

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