Lotus premiers its F1 inspired Exos T125 car

This weekend saw the wraps going off to Lotus’ F1 inspired flagship track car: The Lotus Exos T125. Revealed at Monterey Motorsports Pre-Reunion, this new car is a speed and thrill bonanza and uses F1 technology and a Cosworth V8 engine. Its chassis is a carbon fiber monocoque and has wide front wings and the narrow at the rear end.

What else resembles F1 cars is coke bottle shape, top exit exhaust, shark fin engine covers, carbon ceramic brakes and a carbon fiber pushrod suspension. In the cockpit, there is peddle shifted semi automatic gearbox, an on-steering wheel LCD screen that features multitude of control settings operable through steering wheel and lots of air-splitting down-force aids.
Detuned Cosworth V8 engine is housed behind the driver and still produces 650bhp with a 10,300rpm but needs a rebuild every 4500km. Total weight of the car is merely 650kg, which means it has power to weight ratio of 1.3kg per Kilowatt which is far less in comparison the Bugatti Veyron’s 2.5kg per kilowatt figures. Lotus aims to built 25 of such vehicles per year and priced it at one million apiece.
Via: Gtspirit

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