Renault ‘DeZir’ New Concept Car

Renault ‘DeZir’ concept set to be unveiled later this year at Paris Motor Show establishes the automakers new formal design language which conveys movement, sensuality and emotion through ideal proportions.
The Z in the name symbolizes zero emission which means the car is am electric vehicle. Its power train includes an electric motor producing 150hp with 226 Nm of torque from its vertically mounted 24KWh lithium ion battery.
With a driving range of 100 miles the car has different recharging options, which includes a standard charge from normal household plug, a fast charge with 400V three phase current or a fast battery exchange.
The DeZir is made of lightweight materials such as Kevlar and a tubular steel frame. It’s neat features include a full underbody and a rear diffuser to reduce the drag coefficient, gullwing doors that are hinged to different sides of the door frames, and full-width front air. Renault has given no indication yet if DeZir will be produced.
renault dezir concept 02
renault dezir concept 03
renault dezir concept 04
renault dezir concept 05
renault dezir concept 07
renault dezir concept 08
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