caravans to pimp your adventures with luxurious comfort

Nomadic life full of adventurous and surprising elements has always attracted humans toward itself. The only difference being, earlier it was an unfortunate compulsion, but now courtesy caravans or mobiles homes, this has become an activity for leisure for the modern nomads. These caravans provide that much need homely-comfort in the wilds, without secluding the man from the nature.

FolDoub Foldable Caravan
foldoub foldable caravan
The “FolDoub” by Dutch designer Niels Caris is a caravan with a difference that folds into smaller dimension for easy transportation through link roads connecting far-flung places. Applying the basic principle of a classic travel sleeper, the FolDoub generously expands its available floor-space of an average mid-sized caravan to accommodate a small family comfortably.

A latest design that has had everyone talking is Mehrzeller caravan concept. Mehrzeller means multi-cell and the design is an apt reflection (or vice versa) of the name. The concept is sponsored by BMW (no less) and is the brainchild of two designers from Graz University of Technology in Austria: Christian Freisling and Thersa Kalteis.

Next-gen Caravan concept
caravan mobile home concept
This Caravan mobile home concept by Menno Kroezen does not isolate the habitants from their environment. With a design that focuses on enjoying the beauty of the outdoors without having to leave the caravan and its comfort, the mobile home features a lovely veranda on the back that provides easy access to the inside of the caravan without obstructing the view.

Case Van
case van
Designer James Curtis has come out with his render of how caravans will be in the future, with the Case Van Caravan Concept. The Case Van is one very fresh looking caravan concept that will gel with your surroundings rather than looking like an ungainly piece of metal.

Colim Caravan Concept
colim caravan concept
Bridging the gap between caravans and regular cars, designer Christian Susana has popped up with a multifunctional vehicle that functions as a caravan, when used as a whole, but when detached from the home part, it can also be used as a small car. Named Colim, short for “colors of life in motion,” the new mobility concept is designed to accommodate a small family.

Bob Villa’s Caravan
caravan by bob villa
Drawing inspiration from Airstream and ’50s style, designer Bob Villa has come up with a classic though unique caravan that stands apart from square boxes crowing caravan parks. Featuring whitewall tires and wheel covers, together with smooth airstream form, aluminum band and dark windows, the new caravan recaptures the individuality of classic caravans.

MINI Cooper S Clubman and Airstream concept trailer
clubman cooper s
Designed by Copenhagen-based Republic of Fritz Hansen, the one-off Clubman Cooper S and Airstream concept trailer measures 22 feet and comes with stylish furnishings and smooth wood paneling. Inside the trailer, you will find Arne Jacobsen’s Egg and Swan chair and a table with four unique “Series Seven” chairs.

Opera mobile holiday home
opera mobile
Inspired by the Sydney Opera House, the “Opera” by Belgian architect Axel Enthoven is a trendy caravan (rather trailer) for modern nomads that presents a luxury vacation on the move. Slated to be displayed at the Design at Work trade fair in Kortrijk, the canvas holiday home provides ample space for two beds (electrically adjustable), a toilet, hot and cold water, LED lighting and a mobile hob and barbecue for outdoor cooking.

252° Living Area
mobile mini house
Designed by a bunch of designers, including Stephanie Bellanger, Amaury Watine, Fran├žois Gustin and David Dethoor, the trailer carries a compact house (of course, on the wheels) for modern nomads. Spreading in a 252° radius, the house-on-wheels comes with a bathroom, living room, bedroom, kitchen and an office, so you don’t miss your home for a single minute.

Capsule Caravan
capsule caravan main
The Capsule Caravan is conceptualized by David Tonkinson for a fun-filled caravanning time. Intending to revive the old-fashioned practice of caravan living, David has shaped up this uber-compact and lightweight capsule that can comfortably house two people. Simply hook it to your car and tow it to your destination to cut off from this chaotic lifestyle.

Blackmore Vale Leisure T@B 320 retro caravan
blackmore vale leisure
The retro teardrop caravan from Blackmore Vale Leisure comes with thick insulated panels designed to withstand the toughest weather conditions, a 6-year water ingress guarantee and a huge easily made king-size bed. Outdoor camping needs have grown a little more multifarious and the T@B 320 caravan aims to address all your camping issues.

BOB, the caravan
bob caravan
Designer Andrew Maynard, keeping the nomadic spirit up and high, has come up with his new mobile house design that will make life comfortable even when you are miles away from your home. Hailed as “BOB,” the mobile house presents a quality living space for a small family.

Domus, Mobile Compact Home
domus mobile compact home
The Domus, Mobile compact home is an original concept that is targeted at first time house buyers who also have a desire to travel. It was designed by Andrew Dutton, a Transport Design graduate from the University of Huddersfield. 

Caravan Garden
garden caravan
Artist Van Braak from Amsterdam got hold of a 1976 Constructam Caravan and got working on it to create his garden. The grassed area can seat 15 people, and there’s even the sound of birds to keep you company. Also, there’s room for an electric barbecue.

Compact Caravan concept
compact caravan concept
This concept by Heather Barrett flaunts a roofed slide out elevated outdoor zone along with pull down seats, mosquito net and many more to follow that provide users with the greater flexibility, more freedom to interact with their neighbors, and to enjoy the scenic splendor and other activities that were generally missed earlier.

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