Gallardo Based Lamborghini Indomable Concept Car

Developed by Daniel Chinchilla Ochoa and Alberto Fernandez Albilares at the SPD Master in collaboration with Lamborghini, the Indomable is a production concept based on the Gallardo package. The concept is inspired by the new generation stealth jetfighters like the F22 Raptor and its front end represents the brand design.

The Gallardo based Indomable has radiators located at the center and its two rectangular intakes provide cooling to the brakes. Vehicle’s engine cover is inspired by the functional system of the F22 and the ‘Y’ shape at the center leaves the V10 engine visible through a glass surface. The main design cues of the vehicle, however, are presented by a soft transition between surfaces and with hard cuts that also create functional elements of the car.
The side view shows an abstraction of a folded wing which gives the impression as if the car, like a stealth aircraft, is waiting for an action. At the back, the tail light act as a Lamborghini Indomable wing and integrates LED lights with a honeycomb shape. With all these features, Indomable, undoubtedly, will remain a production concept. However, despite its great looks, it doesn’t seem to have great edge over the vehicle it is based on.
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Via: CBD

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