Xenova’s Terryman is the future of eco mobility

The first prize winner in the ‘ground-breaking innovations in concept and small vehicles’ at ÖkoGlobe, Xenova’s Terryman is a fully electric powered van which offer an innovative added value in terms of environmental and resource protection. The aim behind designing this new all electric van is to optimally implement the drive technology and the result appears in the form of a free distribution in the interior cargo space and high efficiency in the use of the electric-utility vehicle.

Xenova has specially developed Terryman for urban transport operations has a lightweight construction which makes it weighs half in comparison to vehicles vehicle with a combustion engine but at the same time provides more cargo space. The Terryman has photovoltaic roof that generates approximately 10% of the daily energy itself. Xenova’s Terryman’s dimensions include a length of 2800mm, a width of 1700mm and a height of 1600mm. It is a completely zero-emission vehicle and can be used as a commercial and delivery purpose.
xenovas terryman 1xenovas terryman 2xenovas terryman 3

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