Gold plated BMW

Why freaks fancy to own cars wrapped in gold is a big, huge mystery. People seem in no mood to stop the vulgar display or screaming for that cheap attention either. Nevertheless, here comes another gold plated car from Australia. Displayed at the Auto Salon at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Center, this gold plated BMW is named as BMW Goldie Horn and is currently owned by Sydney brothers Mohammed and Bakr Ibrahim.
 This car features a 23k gold plated boot, undercarriage, wheels, driver’s seat and steering wheel. The Ibrahims spent a whopping $1 million in its construction. Apart from these, the car has a stunning performance figures that come out with a torque rotary engine, churning out a massive 1604hp. The BMW Goldie Horn, as per Ben Tubridy who manages the Ibrahim brothers’ Queen Street Customs store, has managed 7.2 seconds down the quarter mile at 196 miles an hour.

BMW Goldie Horn Picture Gallery

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