Chevrolet Camaro CPU

Chevy freaks who love everything Camaro, would surely fall for this Chevrolet Camaro CPU. The exorbitant price tag of $1,300 that this CPU comes with is nothing when it comes to passion and decking your home with everything that goes with your passion. Though this 20-inch-long Camaro model turned into a personal computer doesn’t come with a keyboard, monitor, mouse, or any other regular accessories that are standard in a personal computer, yet it’s some above average specks that include an 8 GB of RAM, a 500 GB hard drive and Windows 7 Home Premium.
The Camaro CPU has hood ornament as a power switch, its headlights and taillights beam up when the PC is up and running, the DVD slot has been placed into the front bumper and all the standard ports needed on the rear. Even when there are no equipments that a standard CPU comes with, the Chevrolet Camaro CPU is an ideal choice for a Camaro-holic.

chevrolet camaro cpuchevrolet camaro cpuchevrolet camaro cpu

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