Spartan V, a Ducati-powered road wrecking beast

One of the fiercest beasts on the road, the limited edition ‘Spartan V’ is surely going to rule the road in the times to come. Featuring tube-frame, carbon fiber body, this vehicle merely weighs 661 pounds. It is equipped with Ducati 1198S engine that generates 170hp. Engine is mated to six speed sequential gearbox. With its lightweight construction, Spartan gets a sprint from 0-100km/h in less than three seconds, with its top speed locked at 280km/h.

Surprisingly, it doesn’t have AC, turn signals, windshield wipers and doors. The road wrecking vehicle has its performance enhanced with switchable electronic traction control, low center of gravity and spectacular braking. All these things together make it a road beast that gives you a rocking ride. Spartan V has been specially developed for the ultimate driving experience and will be a limited edition series, as only 300 of them will be made in Australia with a starting price tag of about $85,000. 

spartan v
spartan vspartan v
spartan v
spartan v
Via: Spartan-v

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