2010 Paris Preview: Peugeot presents electric EX1 roadster

As the Paris Motor Show is around the corner, the list of vehicles unwrapped before their premier is getting longer. The latest one is from French carmaker, Peugeot. The brand has unveiled an all electric, all wheel drive EX1 concept, powered by one electric motor per axle, each supplying 170bhp and a constant 177lb ft of torque. Electric motors get the vital juice from 30kWh of lithium ion batteries onboard.

The concept has been created as a celebration to mark the Marque’s 200th anniversary. The EX1, as per Peugeot, will be able to hit 0-100km/h in well under 3.0 sec at its optimum settings. This all-carbon fiber two-seater roadster weighs just less than 1000kg and measures only 0.9m in height and 1.77 m in width, its length has not been specified.
Peugeot EX1 electric racer has been built to push the boundaries of electric vehicle performance and has already dispatched a standing quarter mile in 14.4sec, a standing kilometre in 28.16sec and a standing mile in 41.09sec at the Linas-Montlhery autodrome. Also, a number of other timed acceleration runs which, if confirmed by the FIA, will make it the world’s fastest accelerating EV over six different distances.
The other features of the vehicle include two sport bucket seats, a carbon fiber passenger cell, a harness and a safety cell which has been designed to also offer the roll-over protection. The Peugeot hasn’t dropped any info about the range of batteries or price either.
peugeot ex1 conceptpeugeot ex1 concept peugeot ex1 conceptpeugeot ex1 conceptpeugeot ex1 conceptpeugeot ex1 concept

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