Black Rolls-Royce with 24 carat gold trimming

A true auto nerd won’t ever settle down on something which others deem as unique or unassailable. Rather, he goes beyond it while adding a thing or two to let them reconsider their viewpoint. Here is a similar case. Rolls-Royce Phantom is already a road wrecking beast with all that luxury and excellence. However, someone really want to add a little bling flavor to it.

Unlike many other cases in Dubai or Russia where we usually see gold plated cars, this time someone from Szeged, Hungary has added gold trim to the Rolls-Royce Phantom, not as a whole but some of its parts with normally chrome colored gold. The gold trimmed parts include the grille, edges to the headlights, door handle, window frames, doors, details of the wheels, plate on the boot lid, and finally, the frame of the rear.
The gold detailing, however, aren’t original Rolls-Royce, but they’re coated by a company called Real Gold Plating. These gilded trimmings match well to the black Rolls-Royce Phantom making it more appealing and showstopper than any other gold plated car. 
rolls royce phantom with 24 carat gold trimming 2rolls royce phantom with 24 carat gold trimming 3rolls royce phantom with 24 carat gold trimming 1rolls royce phantom with 24 carat gold trimming 4
via: Autogespot

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